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Specializing in Food Handler Training for MONTANA. A food handler card or certificate from eFoodhandlers®, should be a critical item on the menu of every food worker in MONTANA. Whether you are a cook, server or even a dishwasher. an eFoodhandlers certificate demonstrates to the public that you care about food safety and keeping customers safe. Go with a national leader. To view MONTANA / County regulations, click here.

Thank you for the material to read to pass the foodhandlers exam. I learned quite a lot from the material, however, I learned a great deal more from the 2013 FDAs Handbook which consists of over 700 pages. Thanks for the links to other resources in regards to the food service industry. It was helpful. Regards, Katherine Riebe
- KATHERINE R, Belgrade, MT

Millions Served Nationwide from America's top food service companies!

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eFoodHandlers works cooperatively with Government Agencies to provide food safety on behalf of local MONTANA jurisdictions. This includes custom websites, referral programs and pay-for-click advertising.

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eFoodHandlers commitment to education is an integral part of their mission statement for MONTANA. This means eFoodHandlers will provide free & low-cost services to schools, non-profits and those who are economically challenged regardless of their ability to pay.


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